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Standard Bank Chip & Pin, thieves are among us | Habza.pl

Standard Bank Chip & Pin, thieves are among us

Very funny print campaign which is explaining the benefits of Chip payment cards. Transactions made with this card always require confirmation by PIN code. Itmakes them more secure, but this is only the theory nicely debunked here by Chris Skinner (also don’t forget who is responsible for eventual unauthorized withdrawals with such card…). Maybe it is because of the late time, but on the first sight I was under the impression, that Clients were presented as thieves. I’ve immediately though – oh crap, this is a bad idea to equate retail clients with criminals… But the second look made it all clear. Vendors are the bad guys ;-). This is even better, and the idea here is that when we’re giving someone our old-fashioned magnetic it can be easily copied and used in a malicious way. To properly evaluate this campaign you have to remember of which country does the Standard Bank originates from. It’s South Africa, a country with tremendous crime rate. But their message is universal everywhere on the globe:
‘If only they were this easy to spot’

Inspiration: Ads of the World

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