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Transport for London: Cyclist awareness, how observant are you challenge

Look out for cyclists
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It is a quite well known series, which core goal is to increase cyclists safety. Project is supported by a website as well as all movies can be found on their YouTube channel. Main concept is to show the viewer, and the potential car driver, how the attention focus is important, and check how observant he is. It is done by attracting viewer attention to different message, like counting how many times a ball was passed or focus on the detective deduction. All that is distracting us, so we’re not noticing what is happening in the background. Moonwalking bear was cool, but it is the detective spot above, which takes the prize. Not only because production of it was more demanding, but also because of the more subtle message. I’ll not spoiler anything more, so just pay attention while viewing it ;-). As the campaign slogan says, it is easy to spot things which we are looking for, so look for cyclists. Well done.
It is always beneficial to interact with viewers, to make them become a part of the game, get them involved.

Inspiration: Guerrilla Marketing defined