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Morphine – Night

This is an excellent song, especially when you are feeling so gloomy as I am now… One can say, that it is as good, as it is sad. Not the greatest song, because as all the hard rockers known that title can be only attached to this one:

Tenacious D – Tribute
Well, it is only a tribute by Tenacious D to the greatest and best song in the world, but it is a darn close call ;-). Jack Black is an amazing performer, and I am not being sarcastic here.
Here you can read more about Morphine:


Unfortunately the leader, whose moving voice can be heard on the first video, died while performing on stage, few months after Night had been recorded.

When no one wants to believe you, do not try to make things worse by bothering

When no one wants to believe you, do not try to make things
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Just ignore them. Frasier hadn’t followed that advice – by trying to prove to his friends that he is indeed having a prize girlfriend, he ultimately lost her. We should not be too concerned with how other people are perceiving us. I have a great problem with that, and sadly – have not yet conquered this flaw.

Frasier S05E01
Frasier’s Imaginary Friend
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Worst Job Interview Ever & Curse – who’s to blame?

Chyba każdy czasami ma wrażenie, że jest przeklęty. Przeświadczenie o tym występuje zwłaszcza, kiedy nagromadzi się zdecydowanie zbyt dużo złych wydarzeń. W tym odcinku Frasier przekonuje wszystkich, że jest pod wpływem cyklicznej klątwy – zawsze jest w dołku gdy przychodzi czas klasowego spotkania. Tak naprawdę, to wszystkie jego klęski są powodowane tym właśnie przeświadczeniem – jesteśmy Panami naszego losu, jeżeli jesteśmy przekonani, że zmierzamy do nieuchronnej katastrofy, tak właśnie będzie. Sam mam wrażenie, że działa na mnie nie tyle klątwa, co wypadkowa złych decyzji. Czas poszukać drabiny i wyjść, tym razem patrząc dokłądnie pod nogi aby nigdzie nie wpaść.

I believe that everyone is sometimes under the impression that he or she is cursed.   This conviction is especially strong when way too many disastrous events are being accumulated. In this episode Frasier is trying to convince everyone, that he is under an influence of a cyclical curse – he is always in a low point in his life, when his class reunion is coming.  In reality exactly this attitude of his is causing all his misfortunes – we all are the masters of our fate, and if we are sure that we are approaching an unavoidable disaster, it will be indeed unavoidable, and in fact caused by us. I am also under the impression, that I’m under an influence, well not a curse per se, but rather of mine misled decisions, which were made on the basis of wrong presumptions. To some of them I knew they are wrong, when I’ve made them, but I had been in a state when it is hard to act in a rational manner – even if you do know what you SHOULD to do. Either way, it is time to search for a ladder and to get out from a hole my life has become an to move forward, but this time while moving – to look carefully under your feet, to avoid any further holes. I am also going to prove all scientists wrong, by showing that it is physically possible to get out from a black hole ;-).

Frasier S06E02
Frasier’s Curse
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Stand up to the challenge

The West Wing
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Czasami najtrudniejsza decyzja to to, czy się poddać, czy też stawić czoła wyzwaniu.  Strach przed porażką może być paraliżujący. Zakończenie drugiego sezonu The West Wing. Mały spoiler, Josiah Bartlet zdecydował się ponownie kandydować.
Strona wkrótce ożyje ponownie, tak jak i autor.

Sometimes, the hardest decision we make is to ask ourselves do we want to give up or stand up, confront the challenge. Quite often we are our greatest enemy, by being narrow minded we are setting limits and boundaries, undermining our own capabilities. The fear of losing can be paralyzing. Sometimes, we are afraid not the defeat per se, but its outcome – how others will start to perceive us. But, after all, is that really so important? Video above is the ending of the second season of The West Wing, probably the best political drama ever made. I do prefer to see it as the countless efforts of the communication team, trying to achieve their ultimate goal – to sell the product to the general public. Josiah Bartlet is one hard cookie to sell. Little spoiler – he decided to run, obviously.
About the website – I had some major issues, which had to be solved. I believe they are, so you, my kind visitor, may expect new materials quite soon.
Awesome song was provided by Dire Straits. If you like to over-analyze stuff like me, you may be able to spot some really nice image/audio connections there.


These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me,

But my home is the lowlands
And always will be.

Some day you’ll return to
Your valleys and your farms

And you’ll no longer burn
To be brothers in arms…

Through these fields of destruction,
Baptisms of fire,

I’ve witnessed your suffering
As the battles raged higher.

And though they did hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm,

You did not desert me,
My brothers in arms…

There’s so many different worlds,
So many different suns,

And we have just one world
But we live in different ones…

Now the sun’s gone to hell
And the moon’s riding high,

Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die…

But it’s written in the starlight
And every line on your palm

We’re fools to make war
On our brothers in arms…

The West Wing S02E22
Two Cathedrals

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Writing is hard

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Pisanie jest trudne, bardzo trudne….
Nie jest to najlepszy odcinek Frasiera, ale ma swoje dobre momenty, trafnie ukazujące czym się aktualnie zajmuję, heh.

Damn, damn hard for us all.
Not their best performance, but still ok. This situation quite resemble my current struggle.

Frasier S01E22
Author, Author
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