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Viagra: Couple, when your brand keeps up to its promise

Viagra: Couple
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This advert main subject is far from the blog core, but I do very like this Mexican spot. I’ve seen a lot of commercials, also these by Viagra, but I’m under an impression, that ones from the United States were worse. In general, it shows us how the advertisements should be made. Your brand is a promise, a promise of a service/product. By marketing actions you’re encouraging the Client to try it, to trust you. If the promise is close to reality – you’ve won, when it’s far… well, it’s quite obvious what happens. Your task should be to show what your product or service has to offer to your Client, still in a mature and class way. You shouldn’t treat your Clients as idiots, and use some simple metaphors. Viagra commercial does it, by showing, that thanks to us you can be young again, and that’s what it’s all about in its business.

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