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Bontrust: Increase In Currency, when your money multiply themselves with a pleasure

Bontrust: Increase In Currency
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Bontrust Finance a German investment firm ordered this spot, and the hired agency had the following idea:

“…to show the increase of money on the international market in connection with some kind of sexual relation…”

Concept of a whole world made of banknotes is indeed great. Abraham Lincoln, The Unnamed Lady, and Mao look even better than the world around them. For me the ‘money love’ here means that our firm will use any occasion to multiply, to invest in the USA, or China – location does not matter, only the rate of return on such investment counts. That’s good, as this is their business, and that they achieve that with an image of a sort of a slut? It does not matter, as long as they earn.
Transition from a peaceful romantic period to a harsh sexual interaction is a real twist in the plot (poor EURO, even if it would like to participate, it does not have how…). For me it is not subtle enough, but again, we should remember on which market was it made. Ze Germans are not prudish, most of their jokes and humor rounds around these subjects, so I guess it will be well received on that market. Also, it will gain greater attention, than let’s say an apple tree with banknotes instead of fruits, and as stated above, for a company form such sector, this sort of an image is not a burden.
The making of, and concepts can be seen here.

Inspiration: COLORIBUS