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Facebook and Strongbow beer

I’ve moved to Facebook, probably not permanently, but it was just easier to share links only there than copying them also on the website. I’ll search for a WordPress plugin, that will allow to synchronize blog and Facebook platform. Surely, am not leaving the idea of a blog behind. Check my profile, for some (for now) 340 links that were supposed to be seen here ;-).

To not make this entry completely pointless, I would like to present you a great campaign of the Strongbow beer. Why is it great? Well, it is not only epic, but also is using the bankers as whipping boys. The concept here is to show common people as heroes, and it is executed really well. There are two versions – throne room, and Braveheart-like. For each one there is a second, with bankers. Just see it and enjoy ;-).

Reference to the Star Wars decoration scene is obvious and well made. For me, even the barmaid there is simmilar to Princess Leia. Only why the little guy there (who is probably acting as Chewbacca) got his beer, when Chewie hadn’t got his medal? Oh well, as like that matters ;-).

Oh, right. So, moving on, here is the same spot with ‘ze bankers’.

Strongbow Cinema Ad from Chris Skinner on Vimeo.

The older version, Braveheart style:

Freeeeeeeeeeedoooooom, one may want to say. The bankers are destroying good fun, because who does really know what do they do?

That is all for now. I think that the next entry will be a longer article.