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I’ve been trying to achieve as good usability level as possible, hope you won’t get lost. I’ve planned to implement many cool features, but due to severe limitations of current hosting plan it was impossible. I couldn’t i.e. improve the built in search engine to let’s say – search only specified (single or multiplied) categories (i.e. only entries in English). Whole bunch of things still require improvements.

Posts in English will be located in the ‘in English’ category, and for the benefit of English-speaking visitors I’ve created a subdomain: http://www.english.habza.pl/ which will redirect you to the ‘in English’ category.

If you’ll become amazed with the brilliance of this blog, I’m urging you to sign up for the RSS channel. There are three RSS channels located in the upper right corner:

For ALL entries
For entries in ENGLISH (I do suggest this one)
For entries in POLISH

I’ve also planned to create separate entries in Polish and English for the same subjects, but probably to speed up the process of posting, as well to keep the clarity of main page I may turn to double language posts (or triple when I will not be ashamed of my Portuguese). Nevertheless everything what was planned to be understandable for an English speaking visitor will be located in the ‘in English’ category (surprise, surprise).

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Using the built in search engine is a bit tricky. At the current state it searches ALL entries. As mentioned I couldn’t use some advanced PHP/MySQL scripting, so I’m quite tempted to use a simple bypass by i.e. adding an unique phrase, which will be present only in English posts, but hopefully I will find a better solution before searching the content of this blog will become difficult. So, please be patient, and if it will become really hard for you – write to me to motivate me ;-) .