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City Harvest: NYC subway is full of… apples

Action begins in a Cloverfield style. Presumably normal video of a sort of a tourist gets interrupted when something unusual happens. This time it is no x-stories high Slusho fueled monster raging destruction on NYC, but a train full of apples, which suppose to illustrate how much food is wasted in that great city.

In the broad area of the ‘social’ campaigns, especially these directed to the poverty, it is always necessary to illustrate the importance of one man actions. In general people think that their participation in some large scale charity collection is insignificant, because their personal donation is too small to change someone’s life. Surely, people are aware that we should think in a big picture way, so the all small donations will end up in something significant, but this is only a theory. If you will show them how much could have been achieved if more people would like to act, they will be donating more willingly. Here, the term of a ‘donation’ can be applied to do not waste approach. This is even better, because people do not like to give away their possessions. If you will show them that the give away can be achieved by wasting less, thus by no cost at all.

I like this commercial, as it idea is so simple, and effective. I would only change the announcement a t the end of a video  from the station speakers to a full screen inscription read by a narrator (Morgan Freeman style ;-)).

Inspiration: Adfreak

Interstate: Car battery that can get you out of troubles (but not change you in a nice person)

The story goes so – two young dudes are watching from a balcony a car gliding on an ice covered parking/road. The whole situation makes them laugh, when one suddenly realizes that his car is to be hit next. message of this story is simple – use Interstate car battery and you will be not having such problems.

The concept is alright, but I would change few things, like try to make the characters more lovable – seriously I was hoping that one of this douches car will get smashed.  It could be achieved by i.e. showing a desperate, ‘family’ man trying to save his car.  Someone that we could care off. Secondly, the crash is not a spectacular one. It is a TV for the God sake, use some specials. I am not expecting to see an explosion and see that guy burned to a crisp, but just something more memorable. maybe  crash should happen in a better light? Sure, you want it to be as ‘real’ as it gets, but after seeing that car moving in a so unrealistic manner, the reality boat had sailed off. The old-wise guy at the end is also such a cliché… Cast and character development is a key to a good commercial. Do not place in your ad people of who the audience will hope they will get hurt.

Inspiration: Adfreak

Worst Job Interview Ever & Curse – who’s to blame?

Chyba każdy czasami ma wrażenie, że jest przeklęty. Przeświadczenie o tym występuje zwłaszcza, kiedy nagromadzi się zdecydowanie zbyt dużo złych wydarzeń. W tym odcinku Frasier przekonuje wszystkich, że jest pod wpływem cyklicznej klątwy – zawsze jest w dołku gdy przychodzi czas klasowego spotkania. Tak naprawdę, to wszystkie jego klęski są powodowane tym właśnie przeświadczeniem – jesteśmy Panami naszego losu, jeżeli jesteśmy przekonani, że zmierzamy do nieuchronnej katastrofy, tak właśnie będzie. Sam mam wrażenie, że działa na mnie nie tyle klątwa, co wypadkowa złych decyzji. Czas poszukać drabiny i wyjść, tym razem patrząc dokłądnie pod nogi aby nigdzie nie wpaść.

I believe that everyone is sometimes under the impression that he or she is cursed.   This conviction is especially strong when way too many disastrous events are being accumulated. In this episode Frasier is trying to convince everyone, that he is under an influence of a cyclical curse – he is always in a low point in his life, when his class reunion is coming.  In reality exactly this attitude of his is causing all his misfortunes – we all are the masters of our fate, and if we are sure that we are approaching an unavoidable disaster, it will be indeed unavoidable, and in fact caused by us. I am also under the impression, that I’m under an influence, well not a curse per se, but rather of mine misled decisions, which were made on the basis of wrong presumptions. To some of them I knew they are wrong, when I’ve made them, but I had been in a state when it is hard to act in a rational manner – even if you do know what you SHOULD to do. Either way, it is time to search for a ladder and to get out from a hole my life has become an to move forward, but this time while moving – to look carefully under your feet, to avoid any further holes. I am also going to prove all scientists wrong, by showing that it is physically possible to get out from a black hole ;-).

Frasier S06E02
Frasier’s Curse
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