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What Goes Around Comes Around, when used force turns against you

This campaign is a part of Global Coalition for Peace initiative. These posters are showing in a truly beautiful way how force, violence, cruelty and ultimately war are turning against those participating in it. Fierceness is not a solution. A good metaphor is used – relaying on the brutal force is a road to nowhere, and at the end will cause more damage.
What is especially worth highlighting here is the brilliant usage of ‘media’ (or a vehicle?, whatever) – in this case a column, which gives an opportunity of showing the closed circle of violence.

Inspiration: Osocio

MasterCard: Valentine, things we do for love are indeed priceless

MasterCard: Valentine
Załadowane przez: Habzapl

Main benefit of such actions, excepting the happy couple is free media attention. I’m sure that a guy hanged into a billboard for some time didn’t came unnoticed. I remember articles, when some guy just bought few billboards in Warsaw, also in the Valentine Day on his love daily route to work, and wrote his feelings to here there. MasterCard action was supported by a website.  Generally speaking it is a great idea, and well thought, like the violin players focusing attention of the passersby, who stops, and look on that poor dude. MasterCard logo is hardly imposing, always a temptation (hey, we’re paying for that, so lets put our giant logo there, right?). Thanks to that, message is not interrupted, and it is truly beautiful message: ‘The things we do for love: Priceless’. By that a brand ‘personalization’/humanization is achieved, it is no longer an inhuman institution, but a friend, who can help you, exactly you. No to some poor African kids by an affinity card, but YOU.

Inspiration: I believe in advertising

Fitness First: Bus stop, you don’t want to be honest with your Clients

FitnessFirst bus stop citylight scaleEarlier I’ve showed how a citylight should be used to focus attention (snow). This time, an example of a bad strategy. An electronic scale is linked with the bus stop weight, and is showing the sitting person weight. Definitely is also focusing attention, but not in a way people like. I believe this bench will stay empty for a long time. Often you have to show your Clients that they do have a problem, but doing so in a rude, but honest way may backfire you. You don’t want to make them angry, you want them spending money in your establishment.

Inspiration: I believe in advertising

Tryvann Winter Park: The snowing billboard, who’s said that a citylight has to be boring?

Passing over the location (advertising snow in Norway?), it’s showing us how much can be squeezed out from a citylight. It does not have to be boring bunch of posters, and always different approach will focus attention. Here it can be seen in action.

Inspiration: I believe in advertising