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Timberland: Mockage of the financial institutions by a shoe company, nicely done

Crisis and problems of the financial institutions are a great source of themes for promotional usage. You can literally mock them with impunity, and that’s basically what Timberland a well known manufacturer of the outdoor wears does. With some interesting catch phrases too:

‘We build things to last, maybe we should start a bank’, implied nowadays banks are not durable/reliable

‘One American institution that won’t fall apart’, implied all other major financial institutions failed

‘You’re never going to be able to retire, why should your boots?’, implied due to the crisis, or the fact that your savings evaporated, you should own some good boots…

‘How revolutionary, a jacket that can keep two people dry‘, implied saving, but the true meaning is the discount, and charity action. When you’ll return an old Timberland jacket while buying new, you’ll get 20% discount, as well as your jacket will be donated.

Advertising by negative comparison is cruel, but effective. Situation around us creates opportunities never considered earlier. Boots and banks in one advert? C’mon, this can not work. Very nice job.

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