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Royal Bank of Canada: Mr. Long, barefoot travelling can be exciting | Habza.pl

Royal Bank of Canada: Mr. Long, barefoot travelling can be exciting

Royal Bank of Canada: Mr. Long
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…when you’ve giant legs ;-). What I like in this spot is its consequence – it strictly follows from start to the end its concept, stylization and speed, what is especially hard to achieve. Everything here is family friendly (only where is the mom?), and strike the right strings. More important than the visual style is the song, here written exclusively for the ad (I’m getting tired of listening the well known hits in commercials which often does not have much in common with the spot message). But I feel a bit unsatisfied, while everything here is well planned, at the end it falls a bit, I’m speaking about the final messages, which, let’s face it, are the most important part of this spot form a commercial point of view. We want to sell something, right? ‘Create the freedom to travel’ is a very good slogan, but it is not presented strongly enough. While the overall tenor is calm, and you immediately want to hum the lead theme, the  Avion Card ( a cool product by the way):

Get any available seat, any airline

With Avion, redeem your points for flights when you want to travel:

  • And no rewards seat capacity restrictions
  • On any airline
  • With no blackout periods

slippers away. Why did they split the ending period (when you are allowed to put your text message) in half, not only dividing the text (first part is unnecessary, and can be easily modified to work with the second, and be presented as one) but also image of our product – the card, and bank logo. Both items can be presented on one board, with the logo somewhere in the corner, and let’s say moving in the middle in the last second. We have to remember, that the card is important here, as it will hopefully generate projected income not the bank name itself.

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