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Inside the wrong job? – 51job.com China

An another revelation of the ‘Oldies’ category. AFAIR media used in this campaign was print, rather not outdoor. 51job.com is a leading Chinese headhunting website – well, at least according to a quickly found description. I’ve been planning to give positive review to this campaign, but the phrase ‘headhunting’ puzzled me a bit. If it would be an ordinary job seeking website, used concept would be great, but if it is headhunted-oriented, I am not so sure… This sing 招聘 should mean recruitment, so now I am rather sure of its headhunting orientation.
Concept is not right, or would be right if someone would have planned to seek brokers and office workers among unqualified people. It would have been a beautiful world if it would be true, but sadly it is not. Campaign is giving us mixed signals, more in the Cons.


  • Excellent idea for a job-seeking website oriented for the employees who are searching by themselves how to improve their career. A Road Worker can become a Broker, I do not see any obstacles if he’s just having enough determination. But only then.
  • Idea of breaking from a self-created imprisonment is very good.
  • Cons

  • Office worker transformed into a Diver – I can buy that, why not. There are no special (AFAIK) qualifications needed to become a diver, beside an extended course, so ‘downgrading’ from a current position is not a problem. I see the major obstacle in the opposite direction, presented on the Road worker print. Especially, if 51job is a headhunting oriented website. Headhunting for me means, that competeting companies from that same sector, are trying to attract to them the best qualified employees. I do really doubt, that a HR specialist would search for a broker among other non-financial related sectors, or people with required education. Because of this, this campaign looks a bit naive.
  • Possible improvement
    You may say:

    ‘Right Jan, so should we show in our print transformation of a commodity broker into a stock broker (with a distinction of a different tie color?). Where is the fun in that?’

    Nope, if we’re still planning to be faithful to the original concept and our website is headhunted oriented, we should explore the path of the Office worker – Diver print, which is quite good indeed. Convince viewers that thanks to our website they may make their career dreams come true, find the fun in their daily work, but keep as much realism as it is only possible. Use common dream-jobs, like airplane pilot, writer, or anything else. Make ‘stop the daily boredom of your work’ your primary theme.

    Implementation in Poland
    In my recognition my fellow countrymen are cynical, and hard to buy with cheap tricks. Also, they may find hard to believe in the make-dream-job-come-true theme. Still, I think that the core concept, of breaking the daily routine in your job, nicely visualized here can be developed in any country.

    Evaluation: 3,5/6

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