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FreeCreditReport.com: a naughty puppy becomes a nice credit score, does it keep up to the pirates legend? | Habza.pl

FreeCreditReport.com: a naughty puppy becomes a nice credit score, does it keep up to the pirates legend?

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New advert of the FreeCreditReport.com, a service which provides ‘real time’ information to its users about their credit reports/history. When you’re unable to do the math alone, with such information you should be able to manage your finances in a wiser way, do some planning, and stuff like that. If you’d ask me, a person with basic financial literacy level would be able to do most of that stuff by himself, but the topic of financial literacy, and role of the financial institutions in improving it is deep enough for some separate entries. I see here a large area to use, as in many markets (name Poland…) subject is almost untouched. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to implement some solutions related to it.
Returning to the spot. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with almost-the-best-spot-ever-made. Why almost? Well, it has pirates (SINGING!) in it, and the only thing which’s lacking here are the NINJAS. With them it could’ve been the best ever made ;-). If you don’t know what the hell I’m speaking about, please update your cultural references. A good soul’s putted all six singing spots of the FreeCreditReport.com on YouTube. Listen yourself.

Brilliant, isn’t it? It is always hard to be a successor of a successful campaign. The ‘doggy’ one does not even come close to its predecessor, but I believe it has a different role. When the sung commercials promote your brand, increase awareness, and basically tell what your business does, so it becomes familiar to the general public, it is impossible to present in them the ‘hard numbers’. So, with that in mind, and if we’ll treat it as a different category ad, it isn’t so bad. They’ve failed in creation of a likeable ‘fluffy’ puppy from the improved score numbers, but at least they’ve animated some life into it, and people do love it (for a perfect spot, the boy should have more time). Concept is ok, with the help of FCR the lady was able to control the spoiled puppy/credit report, and they’ve lived happily ever after. What lacks here is a clear image how the FCR and its website helped the lady. Maybe one-two shots with a laptop, or a manual how to deal with misbehaving puppies? Generally, ok.

Inspiration: COLORIBUS

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