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Articles worth reading: 7

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Creative Showcase: November 2009

ad Plane Stupid: Polar bear

ad WWF: Save biodiversity

ad Demolicion magazine: Surf

Russia’s nerves creates massive volatility

the RTS Index has been bouncing around faster than a Bolshoi Ballet Ballerina this year. This is because no-one invests in Russian stocks or stock markets for the long-term. It’s all short-termism.

IKEA: Facebook Tag

The chicken and egg of contactless payments

This chicken and egg scenario is mirrored today with contactless payments. If the terminals aren’t there for customers to use, there is little incentive for card issuers to invest in supplying contactless cards to customers. Conversely of course, merchants aren’t going to spend money on new terminals if only a tiny percentage of their customer base can use them. In other words, one without the other just won’t work.

The predictions on POS terminal uptake are encouraging and thanks to bold initiatives from card companies and large retail groups, the view from the other side is equally rosy, if not more so. MasterCard says more than 55 million of its contactless PayPass cards or devices have been issued worldwide. Barclays has also been an early adopter; all their UK customers will have contactless cards by 2011.

Sinc Digital: Priest

Newspaper composed completely of blog content hits London

The Blogpaper has no editor and its content is determined by the vote of bloggers through the theblogpaper website (theblogpaper.co.uk).

“We aim to combine two different yet equally important types of media: internet and print,” the publisher says on its site.

“One major cornerstone of theblogpaper’s the concept is that many people are in control of what people are going to receive (by promoting content to print).”

(irony mode on) This has to work (irony mode off)

Big Steps for First Independent’s Brand

First Independent had been family-owned for nearly 100 years, during which time the bank’s solid track record helped it forge deep roots in its southwest Washington communities.

That was the good news for the bank’s ad agency, Grady Britton.

The bad news? First Independent was a nearly 100-year old family-owned bank, perceived as “my grandfather’s bank” with a “dusty” image easily ignored by a younger, fast-paced audience.

ad Karate Club: Broken

ad Balloon AA: Calendar

Top 10 Field Marketing trends for 2010

Discover launches cash rewards Web site

Union Bank introduces community development finance Web site

ad Xdress.com: Washroom signage

HSBC: YouTube Channel

ad Boysen: Orchid

ad Fuck You AIDS!

Why brands should avoid playing the nostalgia card in their marketing

UK banks set to vote on abolition of cheques

ad New Zealand Book Council
Going West (Where Books Come To Life)

ad Citroen
Citroen C3 Visiodrive – Swing

ad Eat sugary foods from QT Kitchens. You’re going to die anyway!

Dutch ING customers targeted by iPhone worm

Abolition of Cheques – I Hope the Banks Vote ‘No’

I believe that there are a lot of person-to-person transactions that people will be uncomfortable switching to ‘alternatives’, mainly because those alternatives are not that appealing. I mean things like the giving of money as a present (across a distance, say), payments for school trips, and so on. Yes, I know these could be achieved by the recipient sharing their bank account details so the payer can send a payment using online banking, but many people are not comfortable doing that. Similarly, we shouldn’t assume everyone is either connected to online banking, or comfortable with using it, given the problems we’ve seen on the matter of online security (and yes, I know some people will say that a cheque isn’t very secure).

Ronnie Bruce


ad Casa de Menor: Burden

Very, very sad…

Zions Bank Replaces Holiday Gift Planner with eZ Budget Site

Multi-Channel Strategy, A Platform for Banking Innovation

Ad industry to teach kids to be more marketing aware online

End of the cheque: open outcry! (UPDATE)

Make promos out of money you already give away

ad Guinness

ad Shiner Beer: Foreign Beer Exchange, Austin City Limits Festival 2009

How to run a successful online video campaign

Why marketers cannot afford to ignore eye tracking technology

Dublin City Council
Liberty Hall Light Show

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