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Viagra: Couple, when your brand keeps up to its promise

Viagra: Couple
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This advert main subject is far from the blog core, but I do very like this Mexican spot. I’ve seen a lot of commercials, also these by Viagra, but I’m under an impression, that ones from the United States were worse. In general, it shows us how the advertisements should be made. Your brand is a promise, a promise of a service/product. By marketing actions you’re encouraging the Client to try it, to trust you. If the promise is close to reality – you’ve won, when it’s far… well, it’s quite obvious what happens. Your task should be to show what your product or service has to offer to your Client, still in a mature and class way. You shouldn’t treat your Clients as idiots, and use some simple metaphors. Viagra commercial does it, by showing, that thanks to us you can be young again, and that’s what it’s all about in its business.

Inspiration: I believe in advertising

Brazilian Press Association: The Comma, when the little guy matters

Brazilian Press Association: The Comma
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This spot reminds me the one, where a political message was read. When read for the first time it had a depressing tone, when read form the end to the start it was positive. Can’t find it right now, but it was probably form Argentina, aaaa here it is (Lopez Murphy for president – Truth (Upside – Down))
Both of them are showing us that a pen is stronger than a sword, and an identical message can be presented in two opposite meanings easily. I like it’s simplicity, correctly the main focus is laid on the words, and there is no additional distractions. Spot is also showing us, that censorship does not necessary has to mean that we are banning an information. Even greater damage can be inflicted with a slight modification.

Inspiration: Guerrilla Marketing defined

Transport for London: Cyclist awareness, how observant are you challenge

Look out for cyclists
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It is a quite well known series, which core goal is to increase cyclists safety. Project is supported by a website as well as all movies can be found on their YouTube channel. Main concept is to show the viewer, and the potential car driver, how the attention focus is important, and check how observant he is. It is done by attracting viewer attention to different message, like counting how many times a ball was passed or focus on the detective deduction. All that is distracting us, so we’re not noticing what is happening in the background. Moonwalking bear was cool, but it is the detective spot above, which takes the prize. Not only because production of it was more demanding, but also because of the more subtle message. I’ll not spoiler anything more, so just pay attention while viewing it ;-). As the campaign slogan says, it is easy to spot things which we are looking for, so look for cyclists. Well done.
It is always beneficial to interact with viewers, to make them become a part of the game, get them involved.

Inspiration: Guerrilla Marketing defined

HSBC: Policeman, the sheriff is in the town

HSBC: Policeman
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I like it. Concept is clear – here we have a Policeman, the sheriff of his local community (and a helpful tourist guide ;-)) with recognized power and authority – everyone obey him, eve usually hard to calm arguing women. But, as life’s showing us, we all have bosses above us – in this case a wife. The moment, when a child disobeys him leaves us in waiting for a burst of emotions and anger – will he, or will he not bite his head off, but then apparently wife appears as a comic relief. Everything ends just fine, and HSBC once again proves that: ‘As the World’s local bank, the better we can understand people and what they value, the better we can help them.’
This is one of these perfect slogans. It is hard to find faults in it. One of the dominant trends in the banking industry is personalization of relations and services. If the Client is assured, that financial institution, an universal bank active on all fields of Client interest knows him, his needs and worries, he will stay with us. Hopefully this will convince him not to look only on the provisions, rates etc. (so we’ll be able to finance that damn personalization) but the general impression will prevail. In the short soldier words – to move standards and quality of service from Private Banking to Retail, an impossible task, but always worth trying (appearances are good enough ;-) ). Ok, this is the SHORT category, so no lectures.
Music theme is perfect, hard to think of a better background for a bossy energetic man, a true conductor than “Largo al factotum” from Il Barbiere di Siviglia by Gioachino Rossini. So, the bank is able to known the true nature of Clients, and suits best their needs.

Barclays: Barclaycard waterslide, Web 2.0 in action

Barclays Barclaycard waterslide
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Other versions can be viewed on a Barclays YouTube channel.

I’m an avid fan of engaging Clients into an interaction. To show them, that they are part of our brand, to use their creativity (and do part of our job instead of us…). If properly conducted, it can be extremely beneficial, by i.e. showing our modern face, how open are we on new ideas etc. In this case Barclays decided to promote their contactless payment solution , by creating a competition where Clients could post their versions of this commercial, their own waterslide.
Sounds ok, but I see one main fault on the conception stage – campaign is only directed to the technical advanced/superior Clients. Clients who will know how to make a movie and post it. It is not a simple think-a-lame-promotional-slogan-for-us task. This is a demanding project. Additionally, even if Client meets our basic requirement – knows how to make a movie, doesn’t have to be good at it… And probably will not be.  So, obviously we’re promoting semi or full professionals. You may say that this is what competition is all about, but remember – we want to engage our Client, so we shouldn’t discourage him. The winning video is cool, but it wasn’t made by an average Joe… Also, with YouTube you’re completely upfront. It is hard to ‘cheat’. People can immediately see how popular your campaign is, how many entries you have etc. That is only good when we have of what to be proud, but when our campaign is completely missed – it will be hard to ‘hide’ the failure. I’m just naming potential dangers, there should be a sort of consolation prize for obviously tech-disadvantaged people, so they could also participate.
Concept – waterslide and contactless payment, hmmm the connection is not immediate but when you finally know what the spot is about, it works. It shows you the speed and easiness of transactions, and well it is what it should be doing. You can feel freedom, are not bounded with your money, cash is not an anchor for you, speed etc.… In general a good idea, and definetly a breeze of freshness.