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City Harvest: NYC subway is full of… apples

Action begins in a Cloverfield style. Presumably normal video of a sort of a tourist gets interrupted when something unusual happens. This time it is no x-stories high Slusho fueled monster raging destruction on NYC, but a train full of apples, which suppose to illustrate how much food is wasted in that great city.

In the broad area of the ‘social’ campaigns, especially these directed to the poverty, it is always necessary to illustrate the importance of one man actions. In general people think that their participation in some large scale charity collection is insignificant, because their personal donation is too small to change someone’s life. Surely, people are aware that we should think in a big picture way, so the all small donations will end up in something significant, but this is only a theory. If you will show them how much could have been achieved if more people would like to act, they will be donating more willingly. Here, the term of a ‘donation’ can be applied to do not waste approach. This is even better, because people do not like to give away their possessions. If you will show them that the give away can be achieved by wasting less, thus by no cost at all.

I like this commercial, as it idea is so simple, and effective. I would only change the announcement a t the end of a video  from the station speakers to a full screen inscription read by a narrator (Morgan Freeman style ;-)).

Inspiration: Adfreak

What Goes Around Comes Around, when used force turns against you

This campaign is a part of Global Coalition for Peace initiative. These posters are showing in a truly beautiful way how force, violence, cruelty and ultimately war are turning against those participating in it. Fierceness is not a solution. A good metaphor is used – relaying on the brutal force is a road to nowhere, and at the end will cause more damage.
What is especially worth highlighting here is the brilliant usage of ‘media’ (or a vehicle?, whatever) – in this case a column, which gives an opportunity of showing the closed circle of violence.

Inspiration: Osocio

Child labour: Burden, one person can make a difference

Outdoor ambient projects are a nice way to focus massive public attention on especially hard issues. It can be used by social organizations, as well as by commercial (by sponsoring the socials…). In this case, from India, a problem of children exploitation was used – as a work force. So they’ve put a realistic statue of a kid carrying a pack, a mechanism allowing the passerby’s to relief him, all encouraged with this message: ‘Your contribution can end child labour’. The best part of this idea is the fact, that it shows that individual actions have sense. Exploit kids are not just an unnamed mass with some issue. It’s happening here and now, you can SEE and TOUCH the problem, also your action has an immediate positive effect. Well done.

Inspiration: I believe in advertising