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MasterCard: Valentine, things we do for love are indeed priceless

MasterCard: Valentine
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Main benefit of such actions, excepting the happy couple is free media attention. I’m sure that a guy hanged into a billboard for some time didn’t came unnoticed. I remember articles, when some guy just bought few billboards in Warsaw, also in the Valentine Day on his love daily route to work, and wrote his feelings to here there. MasterCard action was supported by a website.  Generally speaking it is a great idea, and well thought, like the violin players focusing attention of the passersby, who stops, and look on that poor dude. MasterCard logo is hardly imposing, always a temptation (hey, we’re paying for that, so lets put our giant logo there, right?). Thanks to that, message is not interrupted, and it is truly beautiful message: ‘The things we do for love: Priceless’. By that a brand ‘personalization’/humanization is achieved, it is no longer an inhuman institution, but a friend, who can help you, exactly you. No to some poor African kids by an affinity card, but YOU.

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MasterCard: Pep talk, priceless silence

Mastercard Pep talk
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‘knowing what they need to hear: priceless

Priceless series is one of the best ever made, and that is a fact. This hokey version is an average for me, but it builds emotions. I was waiting for the coach explosion, didn’t known if they were AFTER or BEFORE the game (probably were during ;-)). The all-known UEFA Champions League version is the best made to date.