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Habza.pl - my perception of the marketing world - Part 2

When no one wants to believe you, do not try to make things worse by bothering

When no one wants to believe you, do not try to make things
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Just ignore them. Frasier hadn’t followed that advice – by trying to prove to his friends that he is indeed having a prize girlfriend, he ultimately lost her. We should not be too concerned with how other people are perceiving us. I have a great problem with that, and sadly – have not yet conquered this flaw.

Frasier S05E01
Frasier’s Imaginary Friend
Opis odcinka/Episode summary:

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ad British cereal reveals just who’s doing all those Google searches

ad Bavaria Beer One Drop of Water Commercial

A man on a mission ;-)

ad The Michelin Man’s a serious badass, whatever he’s trying to say

ad Coffee Heros: Celebrate your heros

I would definitely not put Che on one of these, but it is Germany we are speaking, so I am assuming there is a demand for him there…

Chase Bank’s Second iPhone App: Gift Planner

Symphony of Science
Our Place in the Cosmos

ad Mercedes-Benz G-Class – Fireworks

ad Talk for India

Bank innovation spend holds up despite weary scepticism

The vast majority of US and UK banking and capital markets firms have continued or increased funding of large innovation initiatives through the financial crisis yet most do not see innovation as a way to rebuild their businesses over the coming years, according to a survey from Accenture.

Holiday Themes: ING Direct Offers Up Anti-Black-Friday Tease

ad I Want a Goat

Even B2B marketers are using social media

Channels: Really It’s More Than Just Channels…

Enisa calls for national ID cards to be extended to e-banking

Should we have chip only payment cards?

UK firms ramp up social media spending

The vast majority of UK companies are planning to increase spending on social media in the next year, despite failing to gain real, tangible value from it so far, according to a survey from Econsultancy.

ad The 100 poorest

ING Direct Black Friday Screenshots

We don’t need your customer service

The latest report finds that Britons prefer doing their own banking, and would deliberately choose a computer or a mobile phone to manage their finances before phoning a call centre. They don’t want to deal with people in other words – whether in branches or call centres – but want to self-service wherever and whenever possible.


Very quick replacement for a debit card (ING)

Fragmenting the banking structure

ad Stella Artois launches augmented reality Christmas eCard

ad Ford F-150: Bricks

Kids won’t just laugh off the latest anti-drug PSAs. Or will they?

ad United States Air Force: Csar

Articles worth reading: 7

Still too slow :-(
Creative Showcase: November 2009

ad Plane Stupid: Polar bear

ad WWF: Save biodiversity

ad Demolicion magazine: Surf

Russia’s nerves creates massive volatility

the RTS Index has been bouncing around faster than a Bolshoi Ballet Ballerina this year. This is because no-one invests in Russian stocks or stock markets for the long-term. It’s all short-termism.

IKEA: Facebook Tag

The chicken and egg of contactless payments

This chicken and egg scenario is mirrored today with contactless payments. If the terminals aren’t there for customers to use, there is little incentive for card issuers to invest in supplying contactless cards to customers. Conversely of course, merchants aren’t going to spend money on new terminals if only a tiny percentage of their customer base can use them. In other words, one without the other just won’t work.

The predictions on POS terminal uptake are encouraging and thanks to bold initiatives from card companies and large retail groups, the view from the other side is equally rosy, if not more so. MasterCard says more than 55 million of its contactless PayPass cards or devices have been issued worldwide. Barclays has also been an early adopter; all their UK customers will have contactless cards by 2011.

Sinc Digital: Priest

Newspaper composed completely of blog content hits London

The Blogpaper has no editor and its content is determined by the vote of bloggers through the theblogpaper website (theblogpaper.co.uk).

“We aim to combine two different yet equally important types of media: internet and print,” the publisher says on its site.

“One major cornerstone of theblogpaper’s the concept is that many people are in control of what people are going to receive (by promoting content to print).”

(irony mode on) This has to work (irony mode off)

Big Steps for First Independent’s Brand

First Independent had been family-owned for nearly 100 years, during which time the bank’s solid track record helped it forge deep roots in its southwest Washington communities.

That was the good news for the bank’s ad agency, Grady Britton.

The bad news? First Independent was a nearly 100-year old family-owned bank, perceived as “my grandfather’s bank” with a “dusty” image easily ignored by a younger, fast-paced audience.

ad Karate Club: Broken

ad Balloon AA: Calendar

Top 10 Field Marketing trends for 2010

Discover launches cash rewards Web site

Union Bank introduces community development finance Web site

ad Xdress.com: Washroom signage

HSBC: YouTube Channel

ad Boysen: Orchid

ad Fuck You AIDS!

Why brands should avoid playing the nostalgia card in their marketing

UK banks set to vote on abolition of cheques

ad New Zealand Book Council
Going West (Where Books Come To Life)

ad Citroen
Citroen C3 Visiodrive – Swing

ad Eat sugary foods from QT Kitchens. You’re going to die anyway!

Dutch ING customers targeted by iPhone worm

Abolition of Cheques – I Hope the Banks Vote ‘No’

I believe that there are a lot of person-to-person transactions that people will be uncomfortable switching to ‘alternatives’, mainly because those alternatives are not that appealing. I mean things like the giving of money as a present (across a distance, say), payments for school trips, and so on. Yes, I know these could be achieved by the recipient sharing their bank account details so the payer can send a payment using online banking, but many people are not comfortable doing that. Similarly, we shouldn’t assume everyone is either connected to online banking, or comfortable with using it, given the problems we’ve seen on the matter of online security (and yes, I know some people will say that a cheque isn’t very secure).

Ronnie Bruce


ad Casa de Menor: Burden

Very, very sad…

Zions Bank Replaces Holiday Gift Planner with eZ Budget Site

Multi-Channel Strategy, A Platform for Banking Innovation

Ad industry to teach kids to be more marketing aware online

End of the cheque: open outcry! (UPDATE)

Make promos out of money you already give away

ad Guinness

ad Shiner Beer: Foreign Beer Exchange, Austin City Limits Festival 2009

How to run a successful online video campaign

Why marketers cannot afford to ignore eye tracking technology

Dublin City Council
Liberty Hall Light Show

Articles worth reading: 6

Unfortunately I am not having too much free time these days, but would like to reactivate this blog. To start with that immense task, I will post in the few upcoming entries links to interesting articles, which I have gathered since the last entry.  I’m not sure if will be able to provide a comment to them, in most cases they will talk by themselves. I’m hoping that in the future I will manage to provide up-to-date entries.

OK, so let’s start and see where it will take us.


In testimony at yesterday’s one-day food marketing hearing at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science, a McDonald’s Corp. executive said the company takes Ronald McDonald to elementary schools and is talking to children as young as 4 in its advertising.A McDonald’s spokesman said the company’s “communications to customers including children and moms are responsible and responsive. They are appropriate. They communicate choice and variety. They are age-appropriate, size-appropriate and are [about] a quality meal at a great value,” he said.

A McDonald’s spokesman said the company’s “communications to customers including children and moms are responsible and responsive. They are appropriate. They communicate choice and variety. They are age-appropriate, size-appropriate and are [about] a quality meal at a great value,” he said.
Ken Powell, executive vice president of General Foods, said his company markets to mothers, not children.

“We strongly think products advertised to kids can be advertised appropriately,” he said. He noted bans on advertising to children abroad and obesity rates that vary widely from region to region in this country, and said that data argues against a link between advertising and obesity.

These guys are serious with their statements… Their attitude reminds me a great movie - Thank You for Smoking

Now This Is How To Advertise Milk – Parmalat Milk Italy

Panasonic nose trimmer: Fatty

Panasonic nose trimmer: Borat

Telenet: Soldier

Telenet: Cyborg

Kudu restaurant: Drive thru since 1988

The inscription – since 1988 is not visible enough. Overall idea is very good.

Fudge: Never too late 1

Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres: 1 2

Mitsubishi Pajero Dakar: The meeting between luxury and off-road

From Russia with Love

Russia’s turnaround was best illustrated for me by a friend of mine, who redesigned all the branches for one of Russia’s largest retail banks: Alfa Bank.Alfa Bank a decade ago had these cold, unwelcoming branches. Grey and horrible.Until recently, I thought all of Russia was still like that with queues being the prominent way of life and ‘customer service’ being as likely as transparent goverment.
Here’s the old way of Alfa Bank:

Mashup technologies in real-world banking

Integration with Google Maps is indeed a good idea, I myself have such service from my phone provider – when am checking the history of calls, location of the callers is shown on a map. Of course  only for the landlines numbers, identified by the prefixes, but still it is a nice service.

Identifying Multi Channel Customer Experience Best Practice

Orange Israel: Hollywood

Orange Israel: Hollywood

City Harvest: NYC subway is full of… apples

Action begins in a Cloverfield style. Presumably normal video of a sort of a tourist gets interrupted when something unusual happens. This time it is no x-stories high Slusho fueled monster raging destruction on NYC, but a train full of apples, which suppose to illustrate how much food is wasted in that great city.

In the broad area of the ‘social’ campaigns, especially these directed to the poverty, it is always necessary to illustrate the importance of one man actions. In general people think that their participation in some large scale charity collection is insignificant, because their personal donation is too small to change someone’s life. Surely, people are aware that we should think in a big picture way, so the all small donations will end up in something significant, but this is only a theory. If you will show them how much could have been achieved if more people would like to act, they will be donating more willingly. Here, the term of a ‘donation’ can be applied to do not waste approach. This is even better, because people do not like to give away their possessions. If you will show them that the give away can be achieved by wasting less, thus by no cost at all.

I like this commercial, as it idea is so simple, and effective. I would only change the announcement a t the end of a video  from the station speakers to a full screen inscription read by a narrator (Morgan Freeman style ;-)).

Inspiration: Adfreak