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Nic na skróty :-)

Heh, zachciało mi się uporządkować nieco stronę po długim braku aktywności, jako, że chcę wrócić do dawnych zajęć i się WordPress posypał…
Nic to, pogrzebię przy nim przy okazji w przyszłości. Miałem i tak PHP aktualizwać na serwerze. Musiałem np. wyłączyć swój dopieszczony formularz kontaktowy. Mała strata.
Potencjalnego odwiedzającego przepraszam za ten dziwny tekst u góry :-).
Co do reszty… Wierzę, że jestem na etapie autobusu:

For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
The saddest are these: “It might have been!

John Greenleaf Whittier

Facebook and Strongbow beer

I’ve moved to Facebook, probably not permanently, but it was just easier to share links only there than copying them also on the website. I’ll search for a WordPress plugin, that will allow to synchronize blog and Facebook platform. Surely, am not leaving the idea of a blog behind. Check my profile, for some (for now) 340 links that were supposed to be seen here ;-).

To not make this entry completely pointless, I would like to present you a great campaign of the Strongbow beer. Why is it great? Well, it is not only epic, but also is using the bankers as whipping boys. The concept here is to show common people as heroes, and it is executed really well. There are two versions – throne room, and Braveheart-like. For each one there is a second, with bankers. Just see it and enjoy ;-).

Reference to the Star Wars decoration scene is obvious and well made. For me, even the barmaid there is simmilar to Princess Leia. Only why the little guy there (who is probably acting as Chewbacca) got his beer, when Chewie hadn’t got his medal? Oh well, as like that matters ;-).

Oh, right. So, moving on, here is the same spot with ‘ze bankers’.

Strongbow Cinema Ad from Chris Skinner on Vimeo.

The older version, Braveheart style:

Freeeeeeeeeeedoooooom, one may want to say. The bankers are destroying good fun, because who does really know what do they do?

That is all for now. I think that the next entry will be a longer article.

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China leads while US lags in mobile banking uptake
China is leading the world in the uptake of mobile finance, with 77% of consumers using their phones to conduct financial transactions, according to a global survey carried out by KPMG

Pensacola Tourism: Clean Up Fun
Great attitude, usual for Florida I presume.

Empresa dá prêmio a uma tuiteira que falou bem do seu produto

Unsuspecting Fan Gets Truckload of Wheat Thins – Twitter in action.

Companies Lack Customer Experience Competencies
Only 44% of companies ended up with “very good” or “okay” ratings in the highest performing area, Purposeful Leadership.

Indus Pride: Beer Mug

3 credit union microsites – the pros and cons
An escaped Rhesus Macaque monkey in Tampa then evaded capture for over a year, traveling across tree tops and through backyards spanning three counties and over 400 square miles. Along the way, the wily monkey accrued a sizable following, becoming a celebrity of sorts, with around 79,000 Facebook fans.
Capitalizing on the media frenzy fueling the monkey’s fandom, GTE Federal Credit Union launched an online “Mystery Monkey Tour Contest.” The contest gave clues to the monkey’s whereabouts via GTE FCU’s Facebook account. The first person to “find” the monkey at four different locations correctly gets a $1,500 cash prize! Anyone who joined during the promotion got a Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay T-shirt.

Turner Classic Movies – Lose Yourself in Film
I love the colours, and the whole concept of getting lost in the film reels.

Coca-Cola – Machine of Friendship

Flying donkey… used to promote para sailing…

Nike Woman -Just survive it
Here I am – great, but the whole point of promoted product is getting lost somewhere among the robots, ancient gods, monsters etc… Show your dark side mother nature? Riiiight. It is also way to dark and shady to know what is going on.

You’re all individuals, you’re all different
//Our identity is our key to unlocking the riches of the world or losing them. Our identity is so intrinsic to access and ownership, that it is our most important asset.
Our identity is us.// – good point

Studio total who burns money are being burned by the Arvika festival
I will never understand why do some people believe that all sort of publicity is a good thing.

Dodge: Freedom

Very funny ad. You are just waiting for Mel Gibson to appear somewhere holding a tomahawk. The final message is also fun – freedom, well perhaps, but cars? Geeeez…

Crooks dupe fellow cons into doing their phishing for them
A pair of cybercrooks have posted a phishing kit on hacker forums that lets them steal the data gleaned by those who download and use it

People For Animals: Tiger

Walmart: Cristoforo Colombo, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton
My favourite is the one with Galileo ;-). Very smart series.\

Találd meg a Red Bull E-shotot! part 1 (Find the Red Bull E-shot!)

An interactive YT game, quite funny.

Morphine – Night

This is an excellent song, especially when you are feeling so gloomy as I am now… One can say, that it is as good, as it is sad. Not the greatest song, because as all the hard rockers known that title can be only attached to this one:

Tenacious D – Tribute
Well, it is only a tribute by Tenacious D to the greatest and best song in the world, but it is a darn close call ;-). Jack Black is an amazing performer, and I am not being sarcastic here.
Here you can read more about Morphine:


Unfortunately the leader, whose moving voice can be heard on the first video, died while performing on stage, few months after Night had been recorded.